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Filcro Media Staffing (FMS) is one of the principal media and broadcasting executive search firms capable of facilitating the convergent recruitment interests of the digital media and broadcasting industries.  Since 1985 the firm has successfully served the evolution of convergence as media broadcasters developed sophisticated digital products and multicast delivery systems to maintain and expand their markets. Link to The Digital Sales Recruitment Group. All Recruitment Groups

The firm's specialized recruitment practice identifies, recruits and attracts digital media and broadcasting executives in business, creative and technical environments inherent to the diverse domestic and international media communities the firm services in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, The Middle East and South America.

Filcro Media Staffing is ideally located with primary offices in New York City.  The firm recruits and identifies broadcasting and media executives on every traditional and digital media platform.  The firm facilitates regional, national and international convergent media business objectives for the World's largest media and entertainment conglomerates as well as those entering competitive media markets.

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Actual Examples of Retained Digital Media Search Assignments & their Case Histories

Digital Media Jobs

New York
Director - Music TV Network - National Online Music TV Advertising Sales - NEW
Director - Music TV Network - Digital Advertising Sales Operations - NEW
Sr. Systems Engineer - Adobe Creative - Advertising Agency - Cloud Based Post Production
Vice President - National Digital Radio Advertising Sales
Director - National Radio Advertising Sales
Director - Music TV Network - Digital Sales Operations - RFP’s and Ideation
CMO Chief Marketing Officer - Music TV Network
Digital Trafficker - DoubleClick Digital Traffic Jobs
Vice President -  Affiliate Sales & Marketing - Music TV Network
Regional Vice President - Media Technology Sales
Director - Music TV Network - Recording Artist and Label Relations
Vice President - DOOH - Digital Out Of Home Advertising Sales
Sr. Account Executive - Search Engine Online Advertising Sales
Director East Coast - Online, Mobile, Search, SMS and MMS Advertising Sales
National Account Executive - Mobile and Search Engine Online Advertising Sales
Account Executives - Online Advertising Sales - Youth Markets - Mobile & Online
Vice President Advertising Sales Technology - CIO / CTO
CMS and Content Management Systems Java Development
Director - Sales Development Creative Ideation - Client and Creative Services
Senior Marketing Analyst - Mobile Music & Entertainment
Senior Account Executive - Online Advertising Sales
Senior Vice President - Online Advertising Sales
VP Client Creative Services - Online Ideation
Senior Account Executive - Online Advertising Sales - Multicultural Social Networking & Entertainment
Manager - Digital Advertising Networks Sales
Account Executive - News Business Development
Director Online Advertising Sales
Account Executive Online Advertising Sales
Senior Account Executive - Music & TV Entertainment
Director CODEC Development
Digital Jobs in TV


TV Origination Sales - DFW


Sr. AE - Chicago - Midwest Online Advertising Sales
New Busines Development - AE National Sales
National Account Executive - Midwest Online Advertising Sales
Senior Account Executive Online Advertising Sales
Account Executive - New Business Development
Senior Account Executive - Music & TV Entertainment Advertising Sales


Radio Executive Producer - Personal Finance
Radio Copywriter - Personal Finance
Media Buyer - Marketing - In House Ad Agency - Top Company


Director Interactive Automotive & CPG Advertising Sales

Los Angeles

Talent Payment Manager - SAG, AFTRA, AFM, ACTRA, IATSE and DGA
Account Executive - Online, Wireless and Mobile Advertising Sales - Youth Markets
National Account Executive - West Coast - Search Engine, Online, Mobile Advertising Sales

Director Online Advertising Sales
Account Executive Online Advertising Sales
Account Executive - Urban Music - Online Advertising Sales
Senior Account Executive - - Motion Picture - Music - Entertainment Advertising Sales

San Francisco

Sr. Talent Payment Manager - commercial, motion picture or TV industry collective bargaining agreements


Editor in Chief - Consumer Magazine - Print and Digital Platforms


EVP Online Advertising Sales
EVP U.S. and South America Advertising Sales - English & Spanish Markets
Product Manager - LATAM MSO Fixed Telephony and Broadband
Product Manager - LATAM MSO VOD

Washington, DC

U.S. and MENA Online Advertising Sales and Sponsorship Sales - Youth Markets

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Director of Arabic Social Media
Arabic New Media Development

Kabul, Afghanistan

COO - DVB-TV2 - Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcaster

All U.S. - Current

Past Searches for Review
Case Histories
New York, Los Angels, Chicago
TV Networks - Online Advertising Sales


MSO Residential Business Head - Central America

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Digital Media Wars

A modern range war of sorts (typically undeclared) a digital media war is a conflict that occurs in modern or technically advanced societies. Typically fought over highly desired business, technical or creative digital executives.  These digital wars pit competing digital entities against each other. Digital media headhunters are generally brought in as modern day gunslingers to lure and entice digital media executives into digital media jobs with increased compensation and career growth.  The term “cleaning out your competition’s hallways”  is a literal statement. The original Range wars were known to occur in the American West, especially prior to the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934.  Today we fight over Alexa rankings, Nielsen and Google placement. As some digital executive search firms are viewed as modern day Yojimbos; alliances can be everything.

Digital Media Jobs

Digital media jobs as opposed to analog media jobs usually refer to electronic media that disseminates works based on digital codes. Digital media represents a profound change from previous analog media like drawings on cave walls, sending up smoke signals, newspapers, broadcast radio and carrier pigeons.


The history of digital jobs started with the development of the number 0 by the Babylonians about 2000BC. Ancient investment bankers scoured the land for startups for mezzanine financing. At around 1620, Francis Bacon identified the first binary alphabet for representing numbers and alphabetic characters. The intended use was to establish secret communication for cities under siege, kind of like Google vs. Microsoft.

Working with Digital Media

As opposed to analog data, digital data is in many cases easier to manipulate, lose and delete. The end result can be well adjusted sane people screaming and running through hallways looking for someone in IT to save their jobs.  Promises such as allowing IT people and Java Developers to sit with them at lunch, or assume their mortgages are not uncommon ploys to get a hard drive swapped.  We know this to be true based on the proliferation of IT people sitting with others in lunch rooms all over the country. If not checked, this could become a national epidemic even for post production systems engineers in advertising agencies.

Examples of Digital Media

The following list of digital media is based on a rather subjective technical view of the term media. Other views and schools of thought might lead to different lists.

  • That MP3 you deleted and it’s still the first song on your iPod, it never goes away
  • That Deluxe Digital VHS tape at the bottom of your drawer. “Betamax rules”
  • The HD DVD player with every title you could find.  Blu-Ray will never make it.”
  • The 256K memory chips from your TRS80.
  • The 8”, 5.25” & 3.5” Floppy Disks you’ve got in a safe place.
  • The 720P TV you bought to be cutting edge,  Who thunk that 1080P would ever catch on?
  • The video games you played and the electronic wonders that drove them.  “Pong is back”
  • Complete disk sets of DOS and Windows 3.1. Just in case ;).

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