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Original Hawaiian Oil Paintings by Sidney Filson Welcome to the beauty of Hawaii and lore of Hawaiian culture through the original oil paintings of Hawaiian artist, Sidney Filson.   Here you can view and purchase these original Hawaiian oil paintings by this noted artist and author.

To the left, is the beautiful Hawaiian Goddess HAUMEA.  Known as the Earth Mother, Goddess of Fertility and Protector of Pregnant Women, a painting of Haumea is said to be the perfect lucky wedding gift.  Haumea's likeness in a newlywed's home ensures blessings of a bountiful and fruitful married life with healthy children.  Among HAUMEA'S many offspring is feisty Fire Goddess, PELE, who HAUMEA is said to have birthed through her mouth. 

Prolific HAUMEA oversees Earth's gardens, especially those in her Hawaiian Island home where the Earth's most exceptional fruits and flowers grow.  From Sidney Filson's series "Playing With Gauguin"  HAUMEA is depicted in a field of anthurium flowers, hefting a tray of mangoes and very pregnant with a mango herself.  The background shows an equally fertile diffusion of Hawaiian mangoes and plumeria blossoms.  In the category "Hawaiian Goddesses" we offer three (3) miniature Goddesses of Hawaii paintings: HAUMEA, POLI'AHU and PELE that can be purchased as a set or individually.

Tropical Trees Filled with birds and flowers from Hawaii in this oil painting Look for "Da Happy Tree", an ever-changing fantastic tapestry of birds and flowers that are brilliant with lush tropical colors in "Abstracts and Whimsical".  If you look closely you will see what we call in Hawaii "talk story" going on between the colorful birds and beautiful flowers.

A "Happy Tree" can be painted with the dominant colors of your choice to compliment any room.  Please contact me and let me what your decorating thoughts and needs are.  I'll be happy to bring the perfect "Happy Tree" into your home. 

Sunset Wahine can be seen is the Hawaii Collection another oil on canvas
Tour the Islands of Hawaii as you browse our site by viewing the paintings located in "Hawaii Collection".  The three beautiful women depicted on the beach at sunset are part of this oil on canvas series that provides a real flavor of local island life on the different islands. 

Lovely Hawaiian ladies in the series "Waiting" can also be found languishing on the beaches and at home on Kauai, Maui and Oahu in the  "Nudes" series.

Kahuna art work and the talking rock from the Kilauea Volcano
The "Kahuna Series" tells an amazing story of a "Weekend with a Kahuna" a coffee-table book by Sidney Filson depicting a spiritual experience with a high kahuna of Hawaii.  You will enjoy the artwork and written depictions of the Kahuna in this documented once-every-ten-year solstice ceremony that utilizes an ancient Sacred Talking Rock from the Kilauea Volcano.  During the weekend the kahuna and Sidney Filson were visited by miraculous happenings and spirits who appeared on photographs taken of the kahuna.  Both the "Kahuna Series" and "Weekend With a Kahuna" are works in progress.  Each kahuna painting will appear on this site as it is completed.  Please visit with us often to enjoy the mystery, tradition and beauty of these works as the series is completed.  Some of the original oil paintings are for sale now, prior to the publication of the book.

KALI a noted Hawaiian woodcarver can be found under a banyan near the beach on Oahu In "Honolulu and Waikiki Life"  "Yard Art" depicts everyday local island life as well as that of the tourists who visit our islands of paradise from all over the world.  To your left is KALI, THE WOODCARVER.  This respected native artist who lives on Oahu may be found under the banyan trees in Kapiolani park, in Honolulu.  Carving unique ancient solid wooden warriors he will only accept donations of wood from local island residents who know he will never cut a tree himself.  KALI is noted as an icon of traditional Hawaiian artistry and culture. 


Thank you for visiting with us and enjoy our site. 
May the beauty and peace of Hawaii be with you always. 


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